How to Pitch & Present Your Business

How to tell your business story

Our CEO Trynka Shineman suggests to ask yourself these questions first to help create an authentic story.

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The six pillars of an effective business pitch

Discover how to tailor your business story to different audiences and to write an elevator pitch that gets customers captivated. Bonus: downloadable worksheet!

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Sell your product or service in a sentence

Learn how to sell your product or service in a sentence, and how to master the art of selling when you’re pitching your business to investors or customers.

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How to impress first-time customers

From smiling to asking the right questions, learn how to impress visitors with your business.

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Representing your business in marketing products

Learn how to represent your business professionally with every tool you use.

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Perfect pitch elements

By following these practical steps in the five areas highlighted below, you can gain the confidence and knowledge to help you define and deliver your pitch with ease.

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Write your elevator pitch

Ready to write your elevator pitch? Download our worksheet to help you practice pitching your business in different situations.

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