Get $10 for every $50 you spend.

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7.10.19 – 7.30.19

Receive up to $30 in VistaprintCASH by shopping during each earn period.

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7.31.19 – 8.11.19

Spend your VistaprintCASH on any order, and with any offer, during each redeem period.
Plus, track your VistaprintCASH via email or by visiting My Account. Need more info? Check out Frequently Asked Questions or Terms and Conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Terms and Conditions

You receive VistaprintCASH by making purchases during specified promotional periods or through other special offers. When VistaprintCASH is earned based on the amount you spend, it is calculated after all applicable discounts and credits are applied and before shipping and processing or taxes are added. VistaprintCASH is earned at the time of payment. Monthly or annual subscription and membership fees are not eligible to earn VistaprintCASH. If you cancel an order or receive a full refund, you forfeit any VistaprintCASH earned from that purchase. Customers can earn a maximum of $60 of VistaprintCASH within a 60-day period.
VistaprintCASH is only valid during the redemption period and any VistaprintCASH not used during the redemption period will be forfeited. Your VistaprintCASH can only be redeemed on the Vistaprint.com site and not on your Partner Print Shop. Each VistaprintCASH award can only be applied to one purchase and any value remaining after it is redeemed will be forfeited. VistaprintCASH cannot be applied to shipping and processing, taxes, previous purchases or products on the Vistaprint Promotional Products site. The maximum amount of VistaprintCASH that can be redeemed on any one purchase is $50. If you cancel an order or return a product you purchased using VistaprintCASH, you forfeit any VistaprintCASH you used.
Promotional and redemption periods are based on Eastern Time. VistaprintCASH is not legal tender and is not transferable or redeemable for cash. Vistaprint may change or cancel any VistaprintCASH promotions at any time.